The third quarter of 2013 was the highest sales quarter in JoeScan's 14-year history.

October 22, 2013—JoeScan, Inc., a leading manufacturer of 3-D laser scan heads for sawmills, has experienced record sales in 2013. The third quarter of 2013 was the highest sales quarter in the company’s 14-year history. “Sales quadrupled compared to the year-ago quarter,” said Joey Nelson, the president and founder of JoeScan. “Our long-standing reputation for quality, reliability and support is validated by JoeScan’s success. We continue to gain market share, as evidenced by record growth over the past four years,” commented Nelson.

In the sawmill industry, it is vitally important to optimize board cutting decisions and maximize yield. With their ease of use, stability, and 5-year warranty, JoeScan scanners have proven to be an integral component in sawmill operations throughout the world. “In addition to the value that JoeScan scanners add to sawmills’ operations, we offer optimization vendors a level of engineering support and customizable solutions that differentiate us in the marketplace,” explained Nelson.

JoeScan’s users praise the scanners for dependability and ease of use. "JoeScan scanners are reliable, stable and have a long life. Those qualities, combined with the practical application and the result to our mill, set their scanners apart from the competition," said David Richbourg, plant manager at H.W. Culp Lumber Co., Inc. “We have had zero issues with JoeScan scanners, and you cannot say that about any other brand of systems we have,” commented Mr. Richbourg.

Nelson plans to sustain growth through his dedication to quality and reliability. “I want to continue building JoeScan’s quality culture of engineering solid, dependable products,” said Nelson.  At the same time, he values innovation and creativity. “Balancing innovation with our quality culture is key to JoeScan’s future success,” explained Nelson.

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