Simple but Versatile

The JoeScan® JS-25 was designed specifically for sawmills, and it offers the most important qualities needed in that environment: simple operation, precise data and rugged reliability. And, as more and more mills have turned to the JS-25, another valuable feature has emerged: versatility. Between the specific needs of different mills and the capabilities of the JS-25, scanning functions once considered impossible are now easily accomplished. If you can think of it, odds are the JS-25 can do it. 

Sawmill Applications

Logs to Lumber—The JS-25 Scans it All

After using a JoeScan JS-25 scanning system, customers wish all their scanners could be as simple and trouble-free. Now they can be. You can use JS-25 scanning systems on virtually every machine center in the mill, from bucking to the planer infeed. Hundreds of JoeScan products are installed and operating in these types of applications, and many customers are seeing the benefits of using scan heads from opposing directions to achieve Surround Scan.





Scanning Orientation

Machine Center / Application

JS-25 MX

JS-25 X1


Lineal scanning


Primary Breakdown



JS-25 WX

Transverse scanning

Primary breakdown




JS-25 X2

JS-25 X3


Snapshot scanning

Primary breakdown

Carriage headrig

Short infeed edger

End dogger

J2-25 X6B


Snapshot scanning


Carriage headrig


Download a sales sheet (PDF) for the JS-25.