The Effective Solution for Transverse Scanning

Transverse scanning has been a long-time challenge in need of a truly effective solution. Well, the JoeScan® JS-25 WX is not only an effective solution, it’s a simple one. The renowned reliability of JoeScan scan heads – no moving parts, fully sealed housings, intuitive set-up and Ethernet connectivity – makes the JS-25 WX the best combination of performance and price on the market.


The advantages of the JS-25 WX can be summed up in four points:

  • Data density: The data density of point laser scanners in a transverse system is so widely spaced that it covers only a fraction of the board surface and misses features, but the JS-25 WX uses line lasers to deliver a thick blanket of data, eliminating the big gaps that lead to inefficient cutting decisions.
  • Accurate length: Other scan systems require additional sensors to determine accurate length, but the JS-25 WX gives accurate length measurements directly.
  • Steep wane: While other scanners are unable to reliably distinguish steep wane from a clean edge, the JS-25 WX does it easily, accurately determining width and wane points in both cases.
  • Trouble-free positioning: Bottom scanners in other transverse systems are positioned directly below the scan zone, which makes it difficult to keep them clean. JS-25 WX scan heads can be offset and placed under covers that keep material from falling directly on them while still delivering complete and accurate data.

With all these advantages and three times the speed of competing scan systems, the JoeScan JS-25 WX is the only solution for transverse scanning that really makes sense.

Our recommendation

For transverse scanning applications, we recommend using the JS-25 WX. This wide-angle model is specially designed to provide transverse scanning of boards and cants.

Product Specs
Max Resolution: +/- 0.025”
Max Scan Rate: 850 profiles/sec.
Depth of View: 24” to 48”
Field of View: 42” @ 48”