Enter the Longest Running JoeScan contest here.

Here at JoeScan, we love our sawmill partners. So we’ve come up with a fun little contest to help us honor the mills that have counted on us over the past 19 years.

We’ve long prided ourselves on the long-lasting performance sawmills can expect from our scanners. But we recently realized that we don’t know exactly just which one of our scan heads has been hard at work the longest. That’s where you come in!

If you have a JoeScan device that’s been taking care of business for 8 years or longer, we want to hear from you. You can enter in one of three ways, so please choose the method that’s easiest for you:


  1. Fill out the short form below.

  2. Submit your entry via social media with the hashtag #LongestRunningJoeScan.

  3. Email us at contest@joescan.com with the name of your mill and the approximate starting service date of your JoeScan.

Here’s a sample entry for social media. We love seeing our scanners in the field, so be sure to include a photo!


We’ll invite the sawmill with the longest running JoeScan to be our Special Guest at TP&EE 2018 in Portland, Oregon. They will receive their award at a special ceremony during the trade show, where we will recognize their hard work, dedication, and commitment to quality sawmill scanning.

 There may be a few bonus perks included as well, so stay tuned to our social media channels for more information.

 So what are you waiting for? Enter now! A winner will be selected at the end of September, 2018. The recognition ceremony will take place on the expo floor on Thursday, October, 18th.

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Good luck! We hope to see you all at TP&EE in October!

If you have questions, or you want to enter the contest a different way, feel free to email us at: contest@joescan.com.