The JoeScan scanners on our TMT edger are very reliable - they operate consistently every day with little upkeep. They're so reliable that sometimes we overlook routine maintenance on them. They're sort of like a Timex watch: they take a licking but keep on ticking.

Bruce Duncan
Kane Hardwood

Lineal-Edger Scanning in a Tight Space

You want to go lineal. You want the low maintenance and high accuracy that only lineal scanning can give, but you just don't think you have enough space. Well, it's time to reconsider. JoeScan makes lineal scanning possible, even for short-coupled infeeds.

How it Works

By having multiple scan zones, each responsible for scanning just a portion of the board, you can get a full lineal scan with as little as one foot of travel. We know, because we've installed systems that do precisely that. Our scanners offer the flexibility to match the number of scan zones to your space and budget requirement. And only JoeScan delivers the proven reliability and ease of use of JoeScan® JS-25 scan heads.


The Original Lineal Scanner

JoeScan helped pioneer lineal scanning. For years we've been hard at work delivering the best scanning for lineal systems. By focusing on the specific needs of sawmills, we've been able to deliver more of what customers want, while still remaining remarkably affordable.

State-of-the-Art and Simple? Yes and Yes.

No doubt your sawmill wants the best technology, but technology that doesn't solve real problems is just needless complexity. That's why we combine leading-edge technology with real-world simplicity in the JS-25 scan head.


Needless Complexity

JoeScan Simplicity

Custom hubs, cables and computer cards

Off-the-shelf Ethernet switches and cables

"No hot swap" warning stickers

Hot-swap day or night with no fear

Fiber-optic cable

Standard copper conductor cable