Return of JoeScan product for repair from outside the United States

JS-25_Scanner_Back_Scanner_Standing_Resized_250x233px.jpgCustoms routinely processes shipments between sellers and buyers. Those shipments are subject to fees and taxes. Goods returned for repair are not subject to these charges.  It is essential that the customs paperwork is clearly marked to avoid extra costs.

Commercial Invoice

Use FedEx or UPS to ship goods to JoeScan. Goods will not be allowed to clear customs without a commercial invoice. Three copies should be attached to the shipment.  FedEx or UPS can assist in producing this document, or you can download a blank commercial invoice from the Internet.

Here are the details you will need for shipping a repair to JoeScan:

Reason for Export

Repair and Return

Ship to and Sold to

JoeScan, Inc.

4510 NE 68th Drive, Suite 124

Vancouver, WA 98661 USA


Description of Goods

There are three components to the Description of Goods:

(1) Product name: "OPTICAL PROFILE MEASUREMENT DEVICE." To avoid shipment delays and additional costs, do not use the words "laser" or "scanner."

(2) Reason for the shipment: “US Goods Returned for Repair

(3) Harmonized Tariff Number for returned goods: 9801.00.1012

Example: JoeScan JS20 OPTICAL PROFILE MEASUREMENT DEVICE. US goods being returned for repair. HTS# 9801.00.1012

Value (in USD)

Use original purchase price. If you are unsure of the purchase price, use the fair market value of the product (between $2000 and $8000 USD). The value does not have to be accurate on repair returns, but it cannot be left blank.

Country of Origin


Additional Comments and Declaration Statement

US Goods returned for Repair, value for customs purposes only