JoeScan’s New JS-25 X-Series Scan Heads Triple the Scan Rate of Previous Models

JS-25_Scanner_Back_Scanner_Standing_Resized_300x279.jpgSeptember 2, 2014—JoeScan, Inc., a leading manufacturer of 3-D laser scan heads for sawmills and other wood-products applications, continues to make scanning more accurate and reliable with the evolution of its products. JoeScan's latest innovation, the JS-25 X-Series, offers a significantly increased maximum scan rate. The JS-25 X-Series captures up to 850 profiles per second, which more than triples the scan rate of most previous models. “The faster laser exposure results in higher accuracy, especially when scanning moving objects,” explains Fabian Hohmuth, senior software engineer at JoeScan.

The JS-25 X-Series includes six different models – standard and extended-range, wide-angle, and two- or three-laser configurations – that provide versatility in sawmill scanning solutions. The JS-25 X-Series scan heads are backward compatible the JS-20; they can serve as drop-in replacements in systems that already use JS-20 scan heads.

Most importantly, the JS-25 X-Series complies with JoeScan’s stringent quality standards. “The JS-25 X-Series delivers a significantly faster scan rate while providing customers with the simplicity and reliability they have come to expect from JoeScan,” says Joey Nelson, the president and founder of JoeScan. “Quality remains at the forefront of JoeScan’s technology.”