The newest offering in the JS-20 family collects 10 times more data than the competing multipoint sensors.

WX_front.jpgJoeScan has introduced the JS-20 WX Scan Head, a wide-angle laser scanner, which delivers accelerated and precise profile measurements for transverse scanning of boards and cants. The JS-20 WX Scan Head is the latest in the JS-20 series developed by JoeScan, a leading manufacturer of laser scan heads for sawmills and other wood-products applications.

"Given the importance of transverse scanning, JoeScan has engineered a product that is fast and accurate" says company president Joey Nelson. "The JS-20 WX is capable of 650 profile measurements per second, with each profile containing up to 243 data points, and it is substantially faster, collecting as much as 10 times more data than the typical multipoint scanner."

The JS-20 WX provides accurate length, width and thickness measurements of board and cants, using one type of scan head. The transverse scans provide total surface coverage and improve recovery rates. With points located every 1/8”, the scanner provides more data and detects finer details and defects.

The scanner is easily installed, requiring only 24V DC and an Ethernet connection for operation. It eliminates the need for additional, custom computer and interface electronics. The JS-20 WX Scan Head features one-click, automatic calibration. The scanner is designed to withstand extreme vibration and is fully sealed to keep out dust and moisture.

JoeScan provides a 5-year defect warranty and a 10-year support policy on all company scan heads. For technical specifications and sales information, email or call 360.993.0069.

PDF resource: JS-20 WX Data Sheet