The three-laser scan head collects high-density data on logs and cants at an affordable price.

X3_front.jpgJoeScan, Inc. has introduced the JS-20 X3 scan head, a three-laser scan head that collects high-density data on logs and cants at an affordable price. The JS-20 X3 is the latest in the JS-20 X series developed by JoeScan, a leading manufacturer of laser scan heads for sawmills and other wood-products applications.

The JS-20 X3 scanner features three lasers spaced 6" apart. This doubles the coverage of current multi-line laser systems and decreases total travel distance for extremely short infeed machines. The single-camera design permits the camera to be placed either upstream or downstream, simplifying scanner placement around machinery — particularly backside scanning on carriages.

"The JS-20 X3 is excellent for upgrades to existing machinery or new machine centers with tight space requirements," says Ryan Phelps, a design engineer at JoeScan. "It’s a cost-effective and highly reliable way to gather more data and make critical recovery improvements."

The scanner is easy to install, requiring only 24V DC power and an Ethernet connection for operation. It eliminates the need for additional, custom computers and interface electronics. The scanner is engineered to withstand extreme vibration and is environmentally sealed to keep out dust and moisture. The standard JoeScan 5-year defect warranty and 10-year support policy apply to all JS-20 scan heads.

JS-20 X3 scanners are available now. For technical specifications and sales information, visit, email or call 360.993.0069.